Soil Disposal & Recycling

There is no soil project too big or small. We have handled over a million tons of contaminated and hazardous soil for recycling and disposal. Sarakem can ship via truck, rail or barge and we are fully permitted to arrange for approvals, transportation, disposal, recycling and reuse management. We have acted as project managers for soil projects in the Northeastern USA, with many jobs from the 5 boroughs.

We first focus on outlets for recycling and reuse. If the soil does not meet the required standards for your state , we seek out price competitive disposal facilities that we have audited for environmental compliance and financial stability. Once they pass our audit, we can recommend them to you.
Transportation can be arranged or you can use your own transporters. Certificates of Recycling or Disposal are issued once the soil is processed.

We have reduced costs for many contractors , construction mangers, environmental engineers and major developers by using contracted fleets of dumps trailers , local beneficial reuse outlets, and or using rail or barge if it makes sense. We saved a major developer over 30% ($500,000) by using exemptions for hazardous soil that were overlooked by their engineering firm.

Let us help you with a creative solution to be sure you are not overpaying for acceptable soil recycling and disposal options.

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